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C57BL/6 Inbred Mice (Harlan)
Mouse (Mus musculus)
  • Coat: Black;

    Haplotype: H-2b;

    Most widely-used inbred strain;

    Low tumor incidence;

    High preference for alcohol;


    Incidence of hydrocephalous;

  • Originated in 1974, from the Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine, to the Laboratory Animal Centre,Carshalton UK; to OLAC (now Harlan Laboratories) in 1983.

Available at

  • Tumor Models (W420)
  • DKFZ (German Cancer Research Center)
  • Priv. Doz. Dr. Karin Müller-Decker
  • 3/10/2017 1:09:03 PM
  • 3/10/2017 1:09:03 PM
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