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Consider, if you have an account in the DKFZ, you don´t need to register! You will be able to login with your DKFZ account.

Using your business e-mail address for this registration is mandatory. We do not accept public addresses like yahoo or gmail.

When you enter models, other users may want to contact you for further information. We display your contact data (phone number and e-mail address) in the model fact sheets according to your choice.

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In MiTO, each model belongs to a department. Some models are only visible to affiliated members of a certain department or organization.

If you are not affiliated, you will not be allowed to enter models, and you will only be able to find models made public.

Is able to read, enter, edit, delete and define accessibility of models available in the own department, delete the own department, and to define the roles of user in the own department.
Is able to act in the name of the 'Head of department' but can't change the role of a 'Head of department' or delete the department.
Is able to read all models shared with the department, and is allowed to enter and edit models.
The head of department is asked to confirm you as an affiliated member.

if you are affiliated with more than one department/organization

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